Joining Forces

The days of bilateral trading are over. Commodity markets no
longer thrive in opacity. At AnalysisHub we believe transparency gives confidence and promotes liquidity, thus making for better markets.

Thanks to the digitalization of trading workflows, the industry
is awash with information. But market participants don’t have access to it. AnalysisHub connects sources of information and traders, enabling the generation of market insights along the way. 

With AnalysisHub we have created the only independent and integrated analytics platform.


All you need for market insights in one place

Data Aggregation

Our experts scout the market for the most interesting datasets, from the hottest trading platforms to the most exciting sources of alternative data. A robust and flexible model especially designed for commodities allows us to support any dataset.

Data Analytics

Combine and overlay datasets; identify correlations and trends; model the markets and produce forecasts. We empower analysts to harvest raw data and add value by giving them access to business intelligence and data science tools.

Marketplace of Ideas

Discover the latest insight through the only independent marketplace of ideas dedicated to the commodities markets. Buy single reports or subscribe to regular series to support your trading activities.

Whataver role you play in the commodities markets

For Brokers

Are the barriers to entry into the incumbent data platforms too high? Are traditional "tickers" not flexible enough? AnalysisHub gives your marketplace additional exposure and helps you monetize your data.

For Analysts

Do you have the analytics skills but not the data? Do you struggle to connect with the market? AnalysisHub solves both problems in one place. Focus on the analytics, leave the sales and marketing to us.

For Traders

Are you an independent trader without quantitative support? Or is your in-house analytics not enough for you to gain an edge? We give you access to market insights from a range of independent analysts.

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